There are two ways that you can contribute to this website:

I could use any information on any of the people in the family tree, or any of the people who should be in the family tree. Names, birth dates, death dates, marriage dates, all the way to hobbies... every bit of information is important. I make notes on everything and keep it on file for future changes to the site.

I also keep a file of all documents that provide information, so if you have any records or paperwork of importance, such as marriage licenses or naturalization records, I could certainly use a copy.

If you have photos of people in the family tree, I could definitely use them. I would perfer them as large as possible, so if you have images on your computer, please don't cut them down before sending them. If you have photographs and don't have any way of scanning them in, you may ship them to me and I'll scan them in myself, then send them back to you.