About This Site
The Pladl Family Tree
This website is devoted to mapping the Pladl family tree, as well as any other family that is connected to it, whether by blood or marriage.

This tree was constructed using various archived documents (census records, birth & death records, etc.), documents passed down through generations, public information sources, as well as word-of-mouth of the various family members. Although a great deal of effort is put into making sure the information posted is as accurate as possible, innacuracies are unavoidable with such a wide information base. I would very much appreciate any help in assuring that the information stored here is as accurate , so if you find anything that you know is incorrect throughout the tree, please contact me and let me know.

On providing information, special thanks to:
  • John & Margaret Byron
  • Pricilla Garcia
  • Chrissy Hancheck
  • Christine Hicks
  • Robert Hoyser
  • Andrew Merrett
  • William Claude Nester Jr.
  • Barbara Pladl
  • Cindy Pladl
  • Grace Pladl
  • Irene Pladl
  • Kira Raskin
  • Maria Isabel Salazar